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Studio Photography

When Wardrope Photography was first established we thought long and hard about whether or not we should have a studio. Not only is it a big commitment, it's also an expensive outlay which we would ultimately pass on to our customers. We initially operated with just a mobile studio and while many customers were delighted to have the studio come to them, it's not a service which suits everyone.

In May 2018 we approached several local hotels to find a suitable venue for shoots where we needed a studio environment but without the overheads of business premises. From the moment we arrived at the Westerwood we knew it was the ideal venue. It has lots of parking, friendly staff, a lovely bar and restaurant but most importantly an ideal studio.

The studio is large enough to accommodate a big family, lots of children and our growing collection of props. We also have an impressive selection of backdrops which can transform your pictures. Our vast array of props are perfect for children's shoots (the grown-ups often join in too!) and we have special accessories for our newborns which are washed in between shoots and replaced frequently.




Mobile Studio

Our mobile studio was the first service we offered and we are really proud of how well it works. By streamlining the equipment we use, the entire studio experience can be brought to almost any location providing it has at least 2 meters of flat floor space and at least 1 accessible plug socket. We will always bring a minimum of two backdrops and a full set of lights to every shoot.

The studio can be assembled in under 30 minutes and fits into most peoples living rooms. We have managed to set it up in some very cosy spaces, kitchens and even a basement and still achieved perfect results!



With so many of us now owning camera phones this is surprisingly still really popular and one of our most requested services. For a special occasion it's lovely to have a great picture for your wall. Milestone Birthdays, Wedding and anniversaries and Christenings are a wonderful chance to get together with your nearest and dearest and have a family photo taken. They also make great gifts, just let us know when you book and we can work with your budget and individual requirements.

For corporate, charity and and business functions your requirements might be slightly different. Where possible we will always to to arrange a pre-shoot visit to discuss your requirements and view the venue. We offer a wide variety of options including guests on arrival, a photo booth service or general images for websites and advertising.






For the once in a lifetime, most special of occasions, a wedding photographer is a must have for most peoples big day. Unfortunately the cost can be off putting to many couples. Our wedding packages are simple, cost effective and allow you to get the picture you want without paying for extras you don't need. 

On our Price page you will find a few examples of prices for typical wedding requirements, but we will work out with you exactly what you need so you don't need to blow your budget.

We also offer gift vouchers which you can add to your gift list so your guests can treat you to a beautiful album or set of framed prints.